• Christmas Escape Room Coming to Wilson!

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    November 20, 2018
    Does your team have what it takes to save the Christmas Spirit from The Riddling Christmas Bandit?

    Our town is in trouble! There’s a Christmas Bandit on the loose who has stolen Santa’s list.We need a group of heroic citizens working together to help recover the list by working together and solving the riddles that will ultimately save the spirit of one of the most beloved holidays by people all over the world. Yes, it is true, in the end the Grinch didn’t succeed at stealing Christmas, but if we don’t recover Santa’s stolen list from this modern day Scrooge then Wide Awake Wilson’s Christmas will be ruined!

    The Riddling Christmas Bandit seeks to destroy any and everything associated with the Christmas spirit. So far, the Bandit’s plan to steal the spirit of Christmas is working masterfully. All Christmas lights have been dimmed, presents have been stolen, music has been silenced, and the news of all the Bandit’s havoc is causing families to rethink their Christmas traditions. This villian to Christmas has successfully hidden Santa’s list and if no one finds a way to stop him, he will destroy all the things that make the holiday season special. Tonight is the darkest and most quiet Christmas Eve in history. In one hour, the clock will strike midnight and the spirit of Christmas will either be saved by you and your friends or the final step of the Riddling Christmas Bandit’s plan will be secured.

    Do you have what it takes to find Old St Nick’s list and shed some light to the darkness that is infesting the spirit of Christmas? You could be our town’s only hope…

    10% of first day's ticket sales go to the Maggie Society
    For dates and times contact:

    Education Exchange
    Shoppes of Brentwood
    2801-2H Ward Blvd
    Wilson, NC 27896