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Membership Rewards

How much is it costing your business NOT to be a member of the Chamber?

Average cost of membership:


Individuals and sole proprietors join for only $150 per year.  Businesses that invest $3,000 or more a year earn the title Chamber Champion, and enjoy even more rewards.

Ask our membership professionals how we scale membership dues to fit your business.

  • Exclusive notification of 50+ Chamber events held annually
  • Introduce your business to the community with an official ribbon cutting


  • Saving your business money with discounts on:
    • Workers’ compensation insurance / First Benefits Insurance
    • Payroll and direct deposit services / Time & Payroll
    • Identity theft protection / defend-ID
    • The CHAMP Program
    • DOSH
  • Year-round advocacy in local, state, and federal issues
  • Participation in crafting a policy agenda that puts Wilson businesses first


  • Member pricing at premier Chamber events
  • Eligible to purchase eMarketing services, including online ads and email promotions
  • Members-only business referrals
  • Public display of your marketing materials at the Chamber
  • Inclusion of marketing materials in new resident and visitor packages
  • Multiple sponsorship opportunities for events and programs
  • Signal to your customers of your commitment to community


  • Eligibility to participate in the Chamber Executive Academy
  • Exclusive news updates about issues affecting your business
  • Access to our members-only online Member Information Center




Members who invest at our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond levels enjoy additional rewards:

  • Logo prominence online, in print, and inside the Chamber building
  • Sponsorship priority
  • Free or discounted access to our most popular events and programs, including:
    • Wilson Spring Expo
    • Chamber Golf Classic
    • Annual Meeting
    • Chamber Executive Academy

Discount Programs

Our members are eligible for huge savings on everyday business expenses like healthcare, digital marketing, and payroll services.  Click on the discount programs below to discover how being a member of the Wilson Chamber of Commerce can help your bottom line.

First Benefits Insurance Mutual

Discounted workers’ compensation insurance–Every employer in North Carolina with two or more workers is required to keep this insurance, which we’re pleased to offer our members at a steep discount. In fact, many of the discounts our members realize exceed the cost of their investment.

The CHAMP Program

In partnership with Wilson Medical Center, the Wilson Chamber of Commerce has introduced the Chamber Healthcare Access for Members Program (CHAMP).  The CHAMP program allows businesses who are members of the Chamber the opportunity to provide basic healthcare for their employees and their employees families.  For a deeply discounted fee, CHAMP participants can visit any of three Wilson Medical Center physician practices for their primary care needs.  The CHAMP program also allows patients access to emerging telehealth technologies.  The visitation fee is set an affordable rate according to the patient’s insurance status.

The visitation fee includes most routine in-office exams and diagnostics.  Depending on the medication, most prescription drugs are available at a significant discount to the patient.  If specialized care is required, physician practices consult with patients to identify the most affordable options.  All participating physician practices are affiliated with Wilson Medical Center:  Wilson Primary Care, Wilson New Hope Primary Care, and Wilson Stantonsburg Clinic.

The CHAMP program is not intended to be a substitute for health insurance, but is available to any Chamber member who may not have other forms of healthcare coverage.  Any employee of a Chamber member is eligible to receive CHAMP benefits, which are also extended to their spouse and dependent children.

To participate, a business needs only be a member of the Wilson Chamber of Commerce, and enroll their employees in the program.  Each employee is emailed a unique “CHAMP Card”, and can make an appointment at any of the participating physician practices.  The employee presents the CHAMP Card at the time of the appointment, and pays the visitation fee at the time of care. 


Grow Your Business With DOSH

More businesses are turning to ecommerce resources as a way to reach customers through their digital devices.  The COVID-19 crisis has only made these resources more valuable, as consumers make more online purchases, and still others are beginning to return to merchants in person.

The Chamber has partnered with the ecommerce platform DOSH to help our members build their online presence, and distinguish themselves during our economic recovery.  DOSH is a mobile app that allows users to earn cash back from participating merchants.  Think of it as a digital coupon book!

Having your business become a participating merchant is simple:

  • Visit our member link:
  • Click on the “Sign Up as A Business” button
  • Fill out a simple enrollment form, including the cash back reward you want to offer your customers
  • A DOSH rep will follow up with you within two business days to make sure your business is featured correctly on the DOSH mobile app

Card-linked DOSH users receive emails, social posts, and geo-targeted push notifications when you participate, and the rewards can be huge:

  • 87% of consumers are more likely to shop somewhere that rewards them
  • There are no upfront costs. DOSH is strictly “pay-by-performance”, meaning you pay nothing unless DOSH brings you business.
  • Increased customer loyalty, and higher transaction frequency

Of course, DOSH benefits the customer as well!  Start earning cash back from local participating merchants:

  • Download the DOSH app for free on your Apple or Android device
  • Enter WCC as your “referred by” code
  • Link your credit card. Cash back reward credit cards are even eligible to realize more savings
  • You earn cash back every time you shop at a participating DOSH merchant with your linked payment method. DOSH will send you notifications about deals, and you can search for participating merchants directly through the app.
  • Once you accrue $25 or more, you can redeem your cash, or even donate it to a worthy cause (the Wilson Commerce Foundation is always grateful for contributions!)

Let us know how we can help you get started with DOSH, or if you have any other questions!

Dosh - WCC - It All Adds Up - Flyer

WCC - The Smartest Marketing - Flyer


Currently, the "Platinum Family Plan" is $21.95/month. If that same plan is paid for as a member on behalf of their employee, it only costs $8.25.

Time and Payroll

Members will receive 20% off our normal payroll processing fees, which includes base fee, direct deposit, tax management, and per employee fee. For Time and Payroll clients with multiple locations with different EIN’s, a 25% discount will be given beginning with the 2nd EIN.


Ready to join?

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