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  • Program of Work

  • Business Development

We aim to create a business friendly community that will allow new and existing businesses to develop, grow, and advance.

    Small Business Committee

    • Provides an increased awareness about small businesses in our community.

    • We host Small Business Week in May with Chamber member bank sponsors.

    • We sponsor Seminars 4 Success in conjunction with the Small Business Center at Wilson Community College and The Wilson Times.

    Economic Forecast Luncheon

    • Plan and hold the Economic Forecast Luncheon in February.

    • Secure a speaker and an appropriate facility.

    • Send invitations to Chamber members and other guests via broadcast email.

    Wilson Spring Expo

    • An annual event where vendors can market their products and services to the general public.

    • We market the Wilson Spring Expo regionally to bring hundreds to Wilson.

    • Members have exclusive opportunities for sponsorships.

    Education Development

    Education is a critical component in the future development of Wilson County.  The business community must be engaged in our schools and play a critical role in their success.

    Mobilize the resources, leadership and the business community as necessary to achieve excellence in academic and career perspectives.

    Welcome Back Barton

    • An annual event where the City of Wilson welcomes back Barton students, faculty, and alumni.

    • This is an opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services to college students, faculty and staff.

    • Chamber Members receive an exclusive vendor discount

    Dynamic Leadership Wilson

    • Plan and implement the annual Dynamic Leadership Wilson Class.

    • Assist participants in planning and implementing a class project to be completed by graduation in June.

    • Work with a Steering Committee to improve content and logistics of monthly classes.


    Community Development

    Work with other public, private and non-profit organizations and a diverse array of people to achieve common goals that target specific areas of need while simultaneously making Wilson County stronger overall.

    • Assume a leadership role as a coalition builder, to unite various sectors of the community to bring about positive change.


    Membership Development


    • Continue to grow the membership with new recruitment efforts and a membership drive.

    • Coordinate ribbon cuttings and grand openings for Chamber members and provide publicity.

    • Establish a system to retain members.

    • Keep prospect list current.

    • Offer discount programs to members such as workman’s compensation through First Benefits Insurance and discounts on eye care needs through the Eyecare Center.

    • Deliver plaques and Sources to members.


    • Assist Membership Committee in contacting current members on a monthly basis.

    • Assist Membership Committee in increasing membership by soliciting one business per month.

    • Represent the Chamber at various functions.

    • Recognize Ambassador of the Year at the Annual Meeting.

    Chamber Champions Sponsorships

    • Increase the number of sponsors.

    • Implement a program or event to give additional value to the sponsors.

    • Publicize the list of sponsors in all appropriate Chamber communication.

    Member Events

    • Annual Banquet

    • Accelerated Networking Luncheon

    • Annual Golf Classic Tournament/Faraway Luncheon

    • Big Pig Shindig BBQ Competition

    • Cookies and Cocoa at the Chamber

    • Dynamic Leadership Retreat

    • Faraway Luncheon

    • Public Policy Series

    • Ribbon Cuttings

    • Visual Improvement Award

    • Welcome Back Barton 



    Agri-Business Committee

    • Sponsor the Meat Animal Show and Sale in March.

    • Sponsor Farm-City Week in November.

    Crime Stoppers

    • Educated the community about the program and its importance through public meetings, speaking to civic groups and the media.

    • Promote the program as an important and effective force in the community by publicizing the successes.

    • Contact business interests and individuals in the community to raise funds for the program.

    • Coordinate the annual meeting and secure a speaker to discuss crime related issues.

    Wilson 20/20 Community Vision

    • Work to involve the Chamber in the strategic goals and objectives as outlined by the 2020 Vision Plan.

    • Represent the Chamber through the President and Board Chair serving on the governing Management Committee.

    • Promote Chamber and Board involvement throughout the Wilson Community as an advocate of the 2020 Vision Plan.

    Wilson Education Partnership

    • Work to improve the quality of education for the 14,000 students in Wilson County Schools.

    • Develop and structure programs that will facilitate learning and improve the climate for education in the county.

    Wilson County Safety Council

    • Provide a forum to review safety regulations that are proposed by the Congress as set forth by OSHA.

    • Co-sponsor the Safety Awards Luncheon in the spring.

    Wilson Multi-Cultural Business Partnership

    • Promote the growth and enhance the community awareness of minority business.

    • Focus on creating effective economic development strategies for existing businesses in the minority community.

    Whirligig Festival

    • Provide ongoing sponsorship of the Whirligig Festival through in-kind gifts including committee placement and space provided.

    • Publicize the Chamber as a founding institution of the Wilson Whirligig Festival.

    • Coordinate events held at the Chamber in conjunction with the festival.